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Temples, Gods, Rituals & Devotees- all are integral to the significance of our country’s religious and mystic super natural depth and powers. As a place of devotees [literal translation] our rendition of design pays homage to its architectural components, cultural elements and home designs within a modern elevated setting.

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As an embodiment of light & life [SURYA]; this suite has been designed to exude comfort, serenity and peace. SURYA [sun] occupies a dominant mythological significance as the seed or creator of the universe and often also seen as a symbol of good over evil. As the saying goes, when it is night in one place, it is day on the other side; the sun does not really rise or sink. This suite is also in a Queen and Single bed format allowing for extended individual sleeping space.

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In reflection of strength, compassion, sacrifice & continuity; we have tastefully designed this suite and named it “POTALA” which also happens to be the summer palace of the HH Dalai Lama [located in Lhasa, Tibet]. Custom Tibetan murals, paintworks and hand-picked woven fabrics adorn each wall, table and fixtures.

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Paying homage to the mythological “snow-lion” – protector of the gods; we have designed a modern living space that exudes luxury, privacy and distinction. With a subtle blend of local elements and modern aesthetics, this Suite brings forth unparalleled executive comfort, elegance and sophistication and hence has been popular amongst our long stay guests.

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“JATRA” means festival and as in any such occasion, celebrations are vital. Our celebration of this suite is in the form of elements that comprises typical Nepali architecture- stones, bricks, wood, “Dhaka” locally woven upholstery & brass. The bedroom is in a format of a Queen sized bed and a single bed; allowing for families and partners to have their own sleeping space. The back wall of the bedroom is adorned with the sketch of “INDRA JATRA” – the largest singularly celebrated festival within the city of Kathmandu.

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